Take Action on Twitter, Support a DSP Wage Increase!

Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage:
New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Carole Johnson will testify on Tuesday, May 22 at 2 pm before the Senate Budget Committee and we need your voice to support increased wages for Direct Support Professionals. We are  asking ALL Coalition members—whether in Trenton or not—to ‘Take Action with Twitter’ (again!) and help take our ... Read more

Attend Budget Hearings to Show Your Support at the NJ State House

Attend Senate/Assembly Budget Hearing & Show Your Support at NJ State House in Trenton

In May, NJ Department of Human Services Commissioner Carole Johnson will be testifying before the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees. Please join us in the audience on one or both of the dates noted below, so that we can show a large unified presence in support of a living wage for DSPs, starting with securing funds in the FY2019 budget to increase wages by a $1.25. ... Read more

Letter to Editor: Care professionals in NJ need a raise

It is very important to me that Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) get a raise. They work so very hard to care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), but their pay is very low.

To be able to pay for their house and support their kids, they have to work two or three jobs. This is not right and not good for people with I/DD.

DSPs haven’t had an increase for over 10 ... Read more

Two DSP Coalition Steering Committee Members Quoted in NJ Spotlight

Coalition for a DSP Living Wage Steering Committee members Suzanne Buchanan and Tom Baffuto weigh in on the Federal Autism Study. Suzanne Buchanan is the Executive Director of Autism New Jersey (https://www.autismnj.org) and Thomas Baffuto serves as ... Read more

Self-advocate explains why DSPs deserve a living wage in video interview

Barb is a dedicated self-advocate who works at Disability Rights NJ & serves as a member of @NJDSPCoalition Steering Committee. Thank you, Barb, for explaining why #NJ must #PayFair4DirectCare NOW @GovMurphy  @NJSenatePres @SpeakerCoughlin @tomkean @JonBramnick @PaulASarlo   Read more

It’s Time to Tell the Budget Chairs to #PayFair4DirectCare!

Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage: It’s budget GO time! Members of the Coalition are already busy meeting with legislators and testifying before the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees on the need to invest in a living wage for direct support professionals, starting with a $1.25 increase in FY2019. Special thanks to all the DSPs, self-advocates, parents, family members, and providers who came out to the budget hearings in late March/early April to make their voice heard. ... Read more

A parent shares the impact of the DSP workforce crisis

Thank you, Bonnie Brien, for sharing how the DSP workforce crisis is impacting your daughter and family.  #NJ must #PayFair4DirectCare for Bonnie’s daughter and 30,000 NJ residents like her who rely on DSPs to live in NJ communities #TheyDeserveBetter

My Daughter and Others Like Her in NJ Deserve Quality Care

Poverty-level wages are driving people away from ... Read more

DSP Tiasha interviewed by NJTV News

DSP Tiasha being interviewed by @NJTVNews at the State House. Take a listen and you’ll understand why #NJ must  Read more

Direct Support Professionals in NJ Deserve a Living Wage

Meet Shaleta and John. Shaleta is John’s direct support professional (DSP) providing the support he needs to live successfully in the community. Over 30,000 NJ residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities like John rely on DSPs to survive. Tragically, poverty-level wages are driving caring people like Shaleta away from profession, causing a critical shortage of qualified DSPs. It's time NJ invest in a DSP Living Wage and  Read more

A mother’s letter: Care professionals in NJ deserve better wages

Pay isn’t everything about a job, but it should, at the very least, compensate for the skills needed to do it. Tragically, direct support professionals (DSPs) – the key staff who support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) like my 26-year-old daughter – are not afforded fair pay for the complex and challenging work they do. DSPs in New Jersey are paid near poverty-level wages, ... Read more