DSP FY 2019 Budget Fact Sheet

Why New Jersey Must Enact a Living Wage for Direct Support Professionals

What is a Direct Support Professional (DSP)?—Direct Support Professionals provide the necessary supports that enable New Jersey residents with intellectual and development disabilities (I/DD) to live successfully as integrated members of their communities. DSPs meet medical, behavioral and personal health needs, teach workplace, social and everyday living skills, and comply with complex ... Read more

FAQ: $20 Million Appropriation for DSPs in FY18

Following the distribution of Fiscal Year 2018 funds, the Coalition for a DSP Living Wage received many questions about our campaign and how the funds will be delivered to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who provide the hands-on assistance to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the community. With that mind, we offer this FAQ to provide additional clarification:

Q. What did the Coalition for a DSP Living Wage advocate for ... Read more

Update on the FY18 DSP Funds

Good Afternoon, Coalition for a DSP Living Wage LogoThe Coalition for a DSP Living Wage is pleased to report that the State recently released the funds appropriated in the FY18 Budget for Direct Support Professionals. Given ... Read more

FY18 DSP Funds Expected This Month

Greetings, As we reported in previous updates, the funding secured in the FY18 Budget for Direct Support Professionals included complicated language that delayed the distribution of this money. In the months since the Budget was signed, the Coalition has worked with all the relevant decision-makers and Departments to ensure these funds reached the hard-working DSPs, who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as soon as possible. The difficulty of getting the ... Read more

Act Now! Tell the Dept of Human Services to #PayFair4DirectCare

The Department of Human Services is hosting their annual Listening Session on Friday, December 1st, and this is our first opportunity to publicly ... Read more

Next Governor, Legislature, Must Raise Direct Support Wages

Direct Support Professionals enable people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to thrive in communities; they deserve a living wage By Daniel Keating, Patch Poster 

More than 30,000 New ... Read more

LETTER: State should raise wages for DSPs

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DSP National Recognition Week Press Release


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Action Alert: An Update from the Steering Committee

Good Afternoon, As the funding for DSPs makes its way through the budget process, we want to make sure you remain informed about the most recent updates. With that in mind, we want you to know that the Joint Budget Oversight Committee unanimously passed a ... Read more

Action Alert: A Message from the Steering Committee

Following the news of our recent budget victory, we have received a number of questions regarding the $20 million line item and when we expect this funding will be ... Read more